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October 12, 2022

Contact: Grant Herring

Time is Running Out for Congress To Reverse Clinical Labor Cuts

USPA calls for action by the end of year to avoid cuts

WASHINGTON, DC —This week, the United Specialists for Patient Access (USPA) is urging Congress to stop the finalized clinical labor and EM cuts included in the 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule from going into effect December 31. Barring congressional action, the cuts will begin to undermine the quality care for patients starting in January. 

USPA has warned that these clinical labor cuts will disproportionately impact specialists who care for Medicare beneficiaries in community-based, office settings. In addition, the cuts will continue to accelerate the health system consolidation trend, exacerbate health inequities, and threaten the pandemic resilience of our healthcare system. 

Dozens of healthcare organizations have joined together to call for immediate congressional action. Learn more about the issue here. 

“The clock is ticking, and Congress needs to act immediately in order to prevent these cuts before it’s too late,” said Dr. Mark Garcia, USPA board member and CMO for American Vascular Associates. “There is bipartisan support to stop this MPFS  from going into effect and causing an earthquake in our healthcare system. The House and Senate can protect patients by stopping these painful cuts before January 1.”

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